The Scream for?

I was given an assignment to
recreate a classic painting
this is my interpretation
of The Scream.
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Distopian Direction

I am fascinated by the way
technology has changed how
our generation communicates.
We are encouraged to be alone and
imbibe our disposable culture.
I imagined how it will be for future

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Retro Jam

I was lucky to be at this jam.
Amazing small band Bob Dylan
covers. I was photographing the

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50's noir

I have always loved Film Noir,
there is just something about
the lighting and the Femme Fatal.

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A few years ago I back packed.
These are some of the moments
that changed my life.

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Mikita Hack and the Log Rollers

I had the pleasure of covering
Mikita Hack and the Log Rollers
at the Gladstone Hotel.

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During my Travels I saw Dachau,
a former concentration camp.
No words can describe. The
atrocities still haunt the walls.

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Portraites by the City

I went out one night to shoot
homeless people i wanted to
explore how the city can
change a persons appearance

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Capturing Time

Photography is interesting because
it allows you to capture the infinite,
an instant missed by the human eye.

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